********** Snuff Tour Supports Announced **********

It is our great pleasure to announce the support bands for the UK tour next February.

First up, Fat Wreckchords, Bad Cop Bad Cop, from the US of A! and some hairy chaps from Kent called The Spoilers!!!!!



Things is coming together nicely on the bonk re-release front, so we wanted to give everyone a quick update, as lurds of you have said that you'd love to have a swanky new coloured Bonk smile emoticon

A while before we recorded Demmamussabebonk proper, we banged the whole album, plus a few other tracks down as a demo.
The last remaining cassette of that recording has been wedged under some of the Mod's psychedelic undies, in a drawer, since late 95 - UNTIL NOW!

As well as the album tracks, it's got versions of Guinevere, Walk, Dow Dow Boof Boof and Caught In Session on it.

We will be giving away a copy of it - now titled DEMO-MUSSABEBONK (See what we did there?)
with every pre-sale copy of the vinyl album, along with other stoof that we're still working on smile emoticon

Maybe we'll do an authentic, demo style CDR, which we will hand paint individually, with a lovely personal message? Or maybe we'll get some posh USB sticks done and bang it on there? Or a carrier pigeon straight to your hoose!


Demmamussabebonk re-release 

Right - Plans for next year are afoot and one thing we've decided on is a re-release of Demmamussabebonk on coloured vinyl, to celebrate it's 20th anniversary.

We are doing this independently and plan to release only a limited run of the album, which will be available on pre-sale before the UK tour in February, then for sale on the tour itself.

We're working on including various things that we'll bundle with the different packages for the album, but before we make any firm decisions, we thought we'd do a bit of fookin' market research!

1. How many people want one?
2. If we do a pre-sale, who'll buy it before the tour with some extra stuff thrown in?
3. Who wants one, but will wait for the tour?
4. Who will share this fabulous news with their non Facebook using mates and get them to email us on with their answers?

What are you saying? Uh........uh?

A rummage through the archives! 

Not sure if we mentioned, but Snuff celebrate 30 years next year, so we find ourselves thinking of what we can do to mark the occasion.

Rummaging through the well organised archives has revealed a selection of old tapes, discs, cd's of live stuff, outtakes, demo's, scribbles, fuck ups and other hidden bits and bobs that have never seen the light of day.

A can of worms has been opened!

Warehouse open 

Meet Bob. He has been appointed warehouse boss as of today. He is currently getting organised and will start processing and sending out orders forthwith.
UK February Tour
As the UK February tour is just around the corner, and we've suggested a 3rd of 'Bonk will be played in it's entirety (probably)
we better decide which ones we'll put out of the vault!
Aside from the few that have been in the set over the years, some have not seen the light of day since the mid-90's
Ooooh its so exciting! What shall we play? So many to choose from!
Answers on a carrier pigeon!

Uh? Uh?

SNUFF will be touring with Bad Religion in August. Huzzah!!!


Pre-sale and general sale links below!

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